Practical Experience

Software Developer

BS PAYONE GmbH, Remote

Development of payment connectors and fraud prevention systems. Refactoring of monolithic applications to self-contained services.
Technologies: Java, Spring, Spring Boot, ActiveMQ, Karaf, OSGi, Camel, Docker, Elastic Search, Kibana, Jenkins Pipelines, Git

Software Engineer

Dräger Safety GmbH & Co. KGaA, Lübeck, Germany

Application development for distributed gas detection systems. Teaching Git, Git Workflows and TDD. Driving Software Craft awareness.
Technologies: C++, Qt, Jenkins Pipelines, Mercurial, Git, Java, Groovy, Python, Docker, Azure Edge

Self-Employed in an Ancillary Trade

TOBSOLUTION, Lübeck, Germany

Developing custom web pages and web applications for small and medium businesses. Providing IT support and consulting as well as webhosting.
Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress

Student Research Assistant

Institute of Telematics, University of Lübeck, Germany

I/O-programming in Ruby an Java for research projects. Administration of teaching groups for C++ and Java programming.
Technologies: Java, Ruby, Netty, Git, XMPP

Student Research Assistant

Institute of Technical Computer Science, University of Lübeck, Germany

Development of algorithms for the position control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in C++ using the Robot Operating System (ROS). Setup of a coherent system for technical documentation, version control and continuous integration for AUV projects.
Technologies: C++, ROS, Git

Student Teaching Assistant

Institute for Software Engineering and Programming Languages, University of Lübeck, Germany

Exercise instructor for the module Software Engineering. 􏰀Advisor for the software engineering practicum.

Student Research Assistant

Institute of Telematics, University of Lübeck, Germany

Design and development of distributed algorithms for autonomous vehicles.
Technologies: Java, Android, JNI, Git


Master of Science in Computer Science (1.3)

University of Lübeck
Lübeck, Germany
  • Subject: Software Systems Engineering
  • Focus: Smart Embedded Systems
  • Thesis: Monitoring Modulo Theories for Real-Time Logics

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (1.8)

University of Lübeck
Lübeck, Germany
  • Subject: Media Informatics
  • Focus: Human Machine Interaction
  • Thesis: Feature Driven Quality and Aesthetics Assessment in Photography


Programming Languages

  Java, C++ & JavaScript

  Python & Groovy

  Scala, HTML5, CSS3, SQL & Objective-C

  TypeScript, Ruby, C & Matlab

  Go (golang), Haskell, PHP & Assembler

Technologies and Tools

  REST, Ansible, Unix Shell, Qt, Jenkins Pipeline DSL, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Git, Mercurial, Maven, qmake & IntelliJ

  Spring (Boot), NodeJS, Java EE, Docker, Vagrant, MySQL, ActiveMQ, Redmine, Gradle, Coverity, Squish, Sonar, RubyMine, AppCode, PyCharm, WebStorm & QtCreator

  Karaf, OSGi, Camel, React, Selenium, Google Protobuf, Ruby on Rails, Gradle, cmake, make, VSCode, Vim, Xcode & MQTT

  AWS, NoSQL, Angular, Eclipse & Cocoa

  Azure, PostreSQL & Kafka


iSAQB Certified Professional For Software Architecture (Foundation Level)


  • Rescue swimmer of the DLRG – 2006 to 2015
  • Voluntary paramedic at the ASB – 2003 to 2007


diving, sailing, surfing, kiting, software craft, cooking, cycling, swimming, skiing, home automation, digital photography